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Unban Requests - READ THIS FIRST!
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If your wishing to complain about an Admin the place to do that is HERE.

If you have been banned from our servers you are welcome to post an Unban Request.  Remember to always address and submit your request in a calm and adult manner. 

Follow the format provided, if you do not your application will be denied. The more information you provide about your ban, (including screenshots, demos,) the better and faster we will be able to help resolve your situation.  For information for your Unban Request regarding who banned you and why please check the Ban Manager  HERE.

For Unban Requests, create a new thread on the Un-Ban Requests board in this format: "Unban Request: your name". Copy and paste the following form and fill out all fields possible.  The un-ban request will then be discussed by the leadership and admin that performed the ban, a decision made, and your appeal will be move to either the Resolved or Failed sub boards.

If you don't know what your STEAM ID is just join a game like you normally do then go to options/keyboard/advanced options and enable Developer Console. Then close those screens, join a server, and press the ~ key (tilde key) on your keyboard to open your console. Then type the word "status" in the text box and hit enter, look for your in game name in the text and there you will find your "STEAM ID" (STEAM_0:0:12345678) in the same line of text.

- UnBan Request Form -

Steam ID:

Server you were on:


In game name (the name you were using when banned):

Date Banned:

Banning Admin:

Ban Length:

Explain why you feel this ban is unjustified:

Any evidence you have (read this):

List anything you feel that the Admins can do to keep a situation like this from happening in the future:

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