Thank you for considering making a donation, by you making a donation your contribution enables this great community to grow! All donations go directly to keeping our services up and running meaning our game servers, domain and hosting company. Below you will find a list of items and cost for what your donation can be put towards:

              • A donation for the community in general can be any amount but a minimum of $5.00
              • A $5.00 donation toward our GG Server gives you VIP access, custom skin (model) and a reserved slot on the GG Server for 1 month
              • A donation toward personal Team Speak channels are:
                  • 6 month Team Speak channel $20.00
                  • 1 month Team Speak channel is $5.00

NOTE: Leaders reserve the right to deny any Trial Admin requests so please check with BOT or Stipchaser in Team Speak prior to making a TA donation

To make a donation simply click on the donate button below and follow the instructions.
If you have any questions you can always ask in the form of a post in the forums. Form of payments accepted are paypal or one time payments using a major credit card.

NOTE: Please leave your forums name in the "Optional Note Box" so we know that it came from you!